28 May 07

Saw Spider-Man 3 last night, during a lovely evening spent with Mandy and Kirstin.

I have a troubled history with the Spider-Man movies. The first one had comparatively little web-slinging action. And what action there was, was stunted by Peter’s lack of experience. It just didn’t have full-scale fun Marvel battles.

Okay, I thought, it’s the first movie. He’s inexperienced. The second one will be more fun. But no, in the sequel Peter loses his confidence and spends most of the movie rejecting Spider-Man. So we get a modicum of action in that, especially considering its length.

Okay, okay, I thought. He’s got his confidence back. Surely the third movie will be more fun. But no, in this movie we spend so much time on his relationship with Mary Jane that there are only a few full-on action scenes. Excellent action sequences, but the stuff with Mary Jane just dragged.

Disappointing. But I did like this film more than 2. The Sandman was perfectly handled, and a shining example of a Marvel character: Right or wrong, he has very human reasons for his actions. Venom was protrayed well, though I would’ve liked more of him. Venom’s all about that dark whisper that tells you to have more power, which is often very, very helpful. In this film, it turns Peter evil almost immediately.

Y’know, in the comics, Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane was a crucial spice to the story. It deepened and intensified his worries and self-doubt. But over-spice a dish, and the flavor is ruined. I don’t go to a Spider-Man movie to watch Peter Parker court Mary Jane.

This has turned into a rant, and I usually avoid ranting. I appreciate what the filmmakers are trying to do with these movies, and I’m not saying they failed. I’m glad they’re trying to get women interested by increasing the romantic aspects.

I’m just disappointed that one of the most fun, dynamic action/adventure superheroes of all time spends half his movies being an idiot with Mary Jane.

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