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29 Jun 07

Saw Ratatouille tonight. The 6:30 P.M. showing was sparsely attended, which shouldn’t have been a surprise for a “kid’s movie.” It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time.

28 Jun 07

Today’s counterintuitive idea: The blogosphere is much smaller than we think.

25 Jun 07

I’m on Facebook now. Brennen recommended it as a convenient way to keep up-to-date with people that one rarely communicates with otherwise. And it does seem convenient in that way. Lots of pretty little widgets to play around with, too. Which is often a good predictor of a site’s longevity.

24 Jun 07

A few months ago, I wrote up a Renewal Investment Plan (or R.I.P, ha ha). It’s a list of significant things I want to accomplish in the next three months. I’m at the end of the quarter, so it’s time to review. Three new skills: Drawing heads/profiles, to prepare for my next comic. Done. Cooking […]

23 Jun 07

Today is Make Day. Thanks to a post on the Accidental Creative blog, I reserved today just to make stuff (and plan to schedule a new one every month). One of the results: check_syntax, a script that will check the syntax of whatever source code file you give it. Currently supports C, C++, PHP, Perl, […]

22 Jun 07

Are you an artist? We’re all capable of producing art. Many people compare themselves to world-class art. They look at their drawing or their story or their song, and they see that it’s not as good as the artists they see in galleries or read in books or hear on the radio. But if your […]

21 Jun 07

Tired. Been sleeping poorly. Ate a plate of spaghetti and freezer-burned bread. Took a load of laundry outside, and… …twilight gilds the windows of the facing condo with pure gold. The garden is full of earthy browns and vibrant living greens. Pink flowers seem to burst from their pots. The doves beneath the bird feeder […]

20 Jun 07

Things are usually a lot easier than they seem. I’ve been stressing out over a project at work. An influential person needed some data from me, and I had to provide it by the end of today. But it was easy. It wasn’t all easy, but my worries didn’t lessen the difficulty. I could have […]

19 Jun 07

Spent some time today working on Project Omega, the super-secret RTS game that a fewe co-workers and I are developing. And I realized that I spent twenty minutes writing and organizing status and reporting on two hours worth of work. Feels excessive to me. On the other hand, we’re just getting started. Should be faster […]

16 Jun 07

Just back from the first meeting of the anime club that Nick and I are starting. We were the only ones who showed up. This was not disappointing. Several folks said they couldn’t make it, and the others weren’t firm. So we chatted and watched a bit of anime, and will organize another meeting for […]

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