24 Jun 07

A few months ago, I wrote up a Renewal Investment Plan (or R.I.P, ha ha). It’s a list of significant things I want to accomplish in the next three months. I’m at the end of the quarter, so it’s time to review.

Three new skills:

  • Drawing heads/profiles, to prepare for my next comic. Done.
  • Cooking pasta to al dente every time, no matter the shape. Done.
  • Reading and practicing Japanese. Not as often as I’d like, but better than before.

Thirty new people to meet:

  • Join Toastmasters. Complete failure.
  • Keep in touch with students in my Web Design class. Complete failure.
  • Go out on ten dates. I only did two.

Three new major projects:

  • Kickstart Project Omega, the game my co-workers and I are designing. Done.
  • The Garden Redevelopment Project. This included building a bunch of planters, repainting the fence, and laying down several truckloads of mulch. Done.
  • Giant Armors written. Done (wrote the last bit this morning).

One new thing for the resume:

  • Firestorm, my side-scrolling shooter for Syllable. Done.

So. I did terribly at meeting new people, which is typical for me. But that’s fine. I now know how I did, and can work on that for my next R.I.P.

If nothing else, this has been a great way to keep me in touch with my bigger life goals, the stuff beyond the day-to-day projects that will make me a more interesting, well-rounded person.

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