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31 Aug 07

I won’t bore you with a litany of today’s accomplishments. In brief: I took today off work, and determined to make the day count. And I did. Most exciting development: I attached a MIDI-to-USB cable between my piano keyboard and computer, fired up GarageBand, and was able to play directly into my computer. In twenty […]

29 Aug 07

From The Accidental Creative: Todd Henry writes: There’s going to be some noticeable dips in quality and performance when we’re taking risks and trying new things, because taking risks requires more energy, requires more focus. There’s some sort of psychological trauma that’s inflicted on us whenever we take a risk, whenever we step out and […]

28 Aug 07

Thanks to my parents, I caught ImaginAsian TV’s Tuesday anime block tonight. Very interesting. Briefly: The Law of Ueki — Very standard shonen series. Not always a bad thing. Paradise Kiss — Neat little fashion-oriented show hampered by severely limited animation budget. Ayakashi: Classic Japanese Horror — Well-done and refreshingly mature, but as is common […]

27 Aug 07

I spent the weekend relaxing, pretty much. And if you believe in yin/yang retribution for goofing off, then I paid for it. Saturday, I puttered around the house, then enjoyed the company of my friends at Guy’s Night Out, where we watched Logan’s Run (a film I still love) and Sahara (which is a perfect […]

24 Aug 07

Some days, you just come home and watch two episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 back-to-back, and then go to bed. Not that your day was bad. Not that you’re depressed or frustrated. Your brain just wants to be switched off and amused for an evening. And that’s fine. (They were “Teenagers from Outer Space” […]

23 Aug 07

I just finished watching Gravion Zwei, a modern twelve-episode giant robot series. It’s ridiculous. It’s over-the-top. It’s full of maids, giant robot combination sequences, fanservice, teenagers screaming their attack moves, and bickering teens who really love each other. It is a perfect example of its genre. It is clearly pushing every genre convention to its […]

22 Aug 07

If you were to parody Web 2.0, you could hardly do better than eSwarm. (If you’re not familiar with the term, “Web 2.0” was coined recently to describe the next generation of websites, characterized by community-driven content that uses the web as a platform instead of a destination in itself.) I have nothing against Web […]

21 Aug 07

Sure enough, my block of YouTube helped me to be more “productive” today, in the sense that my leisure was directed towards things that I really care about. I watched a lot of anime today, chugging through my to-watch pile nicely. I got through about a third of Gun Frontier, a fun show in which […]

20 Aug 07

Aaand I come down with a cold. Just in time to affect work. Great. So I spent the day watching clips on YouTube. Wish I didn’t; this evening, I changed my hosts file to block YouTube. I enjoyed myself, but I could’ve just as easily spent my time watching anime, which rewards watching. I did […]

18 Aug 07

A perfect day. Just when the cheeks start to feel a little warm, a light breeze sweeps through, and the deep green leaves flicker. I spent most of the day wandering around town, deeply exploring all the little shops and cafes that I usually walk by. I found lots of neat places. Finally tried out […]

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