2 Aug 07

I’ve discovered a downside to this week’s media fast: as a single guy who lives alone, it’s lonely. I come home from work, and I’m tired, and all I have are my projects. Oh, I could go for a walk. But even that’s lonely.

Not that I’m complaining; just commenting. I was a little depressed this morning, but that passed when I got to work. And I had a good day at work; purposeful and interesting but not stressful.

In fact, there was so little stress that I went out for lunch, toting my laptop with me, and watched two episodes of anime. (Okay, okay, yeah, it’s a break from my Media Fast. There are no MF Police.) Watched Lucky Star episode 16, and the second episode of Goodbye, Professor Zetsubou.

Lucky Star continues to get better. The first seven or so episodes were merely enjoyable; after that it just kept getting funnier with each episode. As funny as the Comiket episode was, this was fantastic.

And I’m even more impressed with Goodbye, Professor Zetsubou as of its second episode. The first established a terminally depressed, suicidal teacher and his perpetually chipper female student. It was a highly stylish comedy which seemed to establish its duo. But the second episode introduced half a dozen other students, created a very complicated set of relationships, and didn’t resolve any of it. Apparently this won’t just be individual episodes of zany hijinks. Nice, for a change.

Anyvay. After a long, slow afternoon, I stopped by my parents’ house for the evening. After a brisk swim and a light dinner, we spent the evening bouncing between the foreign-language channels on the TV, mocking an impenetrable Dutch (?) film (almost as bad as Jay Sherman’s student film) and trying to translate the Cantonese and Japanese news programs and dramas. Great fun.

So now, I’m laying on my bed at 11:30 P.M., typing this blog entry. On balance, I like this day.

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