21 Aug 07

Sure enough, my block of YouTube helped me to be more “productive” today, in the sense that my leisure was directed towards things that I really care about.

I watched a lot of anime today, chugging through my to-watch pile nicely. I got through about a third of Gun Frontier, a fun show in which the Captain Harlock characters are wandering the Wild West. No SF, and no fantasy; just blood, dirt, and steel.

It’s a mediocre series, though I don’t mean that as a criticism. It’s entertaining, without ever becoming excellent. It’s rarely boring; every episode has at least one neat little showdown.

Part of the problem is that it’s a western. Gunfights don’t last long, so episodes are mostly about a Mysterious Woman or a Suspicious Sheriff, and lots of stand-offs and dialogue. It’s difficult to do that in an outstanding manner.

Ah well. No complaints here; I’m enjoying myself.

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