3 Aug 07

Another hot day. It’s been in the upper 90’s all week, and it’s slated to stay that way. Which is summer. Feels silly to complain about normal seasonal weather.

This is the last day of my Media Fast, and I’m glad of it. I actually broke the Fast today; watched a bit of anime over lunch, and bought and read some manga this evening. Tasted sweet.

I definitely do want to minimize the amount of media I consume in the future, though. Leave plenty of room for creativity and relaxation.

Creativity like Grave Thoughts, a comic I’m writing and drawing. Finished inking the first chapter (ten panels) tonight, and trying to figure out what to do with it. Should I start posting it now, without knowing when I’ll finish the rest, or wait until I’ve done another chapter or two? Would posting it and getting feedback encourage me to finish it?

The main thing keeping me from finishing it is the fact that I wrote myself into a corner. I conceived it as a series of monologues given by the same person at a gravesite. But I quickly realized that monologues in comic form are boring. I need to rewrite the later chapters to include more characters, even if they’re silent. But that means quite a bit more work.

Ah well, such things happen in creative projects. Better that than pumping out boring art.

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