11 Sep 07

A variety of thoughts:

  • The most common subject in self-improvement is fear. It seems that most people don’t improve themselves because they fear, oh, all sorts of things.
  • I’ve been reading the Shortpacked! retrospective on Roomies/It’s Walky/Shortpacked. I was struck by the juxtaposition of drama and humor. The artist has pointed out that he has a tendency to be too dramatic. To take a comedic situation/world/whatever and wring it for all the drama it’s worth. And that that’s not fair to the fans, who come for humor.
  • Neat animation trick from anime: Show the beginning and middle of the action, but not the end. The viewer can mentally fill in the end.
  • Which came first: the church or the New Testament?

Is this an effective way to blog, or do your eyes glaze over? Let me know.

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