8 Sep 07

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been stressing me out.

Which is odd. I don’t like the word “stress,” as it has little meaning. It’s like saying that work is “painful.” Well, painful how? Stress is just pressure. What kind of pressure?

I’ve involved myself in a data migration project. It’s complicated. It’s outside my areas of expertise. But it’s important, and it’s getting me good contacts.

This Monday is their final, no-kidding deadline for much of their data migration. So I’ve received a lot of last-minute IMs, adding data, fixing problems, running scripts, etc. over the past few days.

The resulting stress/pressure/pain/whatever has exhausted me by the time I get home. So every evening, I’ve watched some anime, cleaned up a bit, and worked a little on a short story before going to bed. Then lay in bed for several hours.

Why? Why can’t I let the work go? Why can’t I drop it?

Perhaps I should meditate more.

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