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22 Oct 07

It’s been a busy week. My work responsibilities have increased, teaching keeps me busy twice a week, and I’ve been gearing up for my Halloween Party this Saturday. Not a terrible situation. But tiring. I read about folks who work for fourteen hours a day, with great passion, and I wonder where their energy comes […]

16 Oct 07

I’m watching a fascinating bit of internet ephemera: a sped-up video of a guy driving. This is not my first exposure to this type of web video; this one is genuinely interesting. It’s from Lileks, and I’m fascinated by the details. Sometimes he follows closely, other times at a distance. Sometimes he seems hurried, other times leisurely. Why? There are all sorts of little decisions and choices scattered throughout. Plus, […]

14 Oct 07

The second episode of Gundam 00 came out last night. My geekometer is off the chart; this is a giant robot anime series I’m downloading off the internet the day it airs because of how much I’ve loved previous shows in the franchise. It’s equivalent to a Chinese Trekkie downloading episodes of Enterprise as they […]

13 Oct 07

This afternoon I dug through the closet beneath the stairs, wiped a layer of dust off a large tin, and hauled it upstairs. I popped open the lid and pulled out my Halloween decorations. Since I try to pack and live light, I only own a few items that I scatter around on Halloween. I […]

9 Oct 07

:sigh: A day spent lounging around, feeling sick. I feel like I wasted the day, though I didn’t; read a bit, coded a bit, watched a bit of anime. I have a disconnect between my guilt at not being productive, and the amount of productivity I actually attain. It’s never good enough.

8 Oct 07

And I got sick partway through my Creative Retreat. Still, I had fun. I read about half of Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, and a few chapters of a Mechanical Design book (I’d like to understand mechanics more). I did a bit more work on the RTS game, mostly cleanup. And I put up […]

5 Oct 07

Today begins another Creative Retreat, a weekend in which I sit back and read, meditate, plan, make, and mash-up.

4 Oct 07

Odd. My workday was chock full of training and meetings. Good training and meetings. I checked in to the PDM War Room every couple of hours to see if I could help, but they were blocked in other ways. So I always had something useful to get to. And I came home, and I felt […]

3 Oct 07

Thanks to Brennen, I’ve decided to shut down my IM and Skype clients. They’re both extra open loops. I don’t need those to keep in touch with people, and they’re distractions. Distractions from a huge, beautiful life that I could be living instead of typing “heh” in response to a link to a video of […]

1 Oct 07

Roughed out a review of Gunparade March, based on my viewings through episode five. Tough show to watch, but very, very good.

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