Ah yes. I have a blog. Forgot about that for a while.

Just been busy with other things. Who has time for a blog when there’s food to cook, novels to write, animations to draw, and books to read?

Books! A few book recommendations:

Temeraire volume 1, by Naomi Novik. Imagine Master and Commander, with the addition of fire-breathing dragons. Novik creates a believable world with fun characters.

By Right of Conquest, or With Cortez in Mexico. A novelization of Cortez’s “conquest” of Mexico. I love this bit of history, and this book captures all the high drama in an action-filled story. This book has everything.

The Uncommon Reader, a novella in which the present Queen of England discovers a love of books, late in life. The book deftly explores her unique situation and regrets.

I thank my Amazon Kindle for the capacity for all the above books. I spent a lot on it, and I regret not a penny.

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