28 Mar 08

Oh boy, the world’s in trouble. I am far more than it can handle.

Today was my last day at RC/STS. (Again.) (For now.) The head of engineering is still trying to define a job for me, which actually looks pretty solid; he wants me, and his boss wants me. They just need to figure out what I’d actually be doing to earn a paycheck.

But I am free. Which is not to say that my time at STS was lifeless servitude; I enjoyed it, and there are lots of great people. I’m surprised by my own reaction. I didn’t expect to feel this free. I feel like I’ve been let out of prison.

And it’s not because of STS. It’s because I’m free of work. Of the 9-to-5 routine. I get to define my routine now. I get to create my life.

That is freedom.

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