Recent Activity, and The Doctor

No question, I’m enjoying my time off. I scheduled a few major projects today, but the weather was so gorgeous I finally decided to stop and enjoy it. And after a couple hours of sitting in the garden, a glass of iced tea in one hand and a book in the other, I got to work painting. So it all worked out.

Then held a Skypecast with a compatriot from Accidental Creative, and sat back and watched DVDs. I’m nearing the end of Overman King Gainer, an anime mecha series with fantastic character development. And I watched an entire classic “Doctor Who” miniseries, “The Genesis of the Daleks.”

I’ve been a long time coming around to Doctor Who. I forced myself to watch bits and pieces on PBS during my teens, mainly because of the size of its fanbase. There was some good writing and acting, on occasion, but it was mostly pure cheese.

Then I got used to it. I realized that the cheese was okay. I could enjoy it, and/or look past it. I found that Doctor Who excels at adventurous SF. It’s a bit like the Republic serials; sure, the sets are cardboard. That’s not the point.

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