4 May 08

Went and saw Iron Man. No, I’m not going to review it, except to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I do want to point out the benefits of having Jon Favreau directing. He got started in Hollywood by witing Swingers and directing Elf. He’s a comedy and drama director.

This gives him great respect for dialogue. The actors sound like they’re realling talking to each other, instead of intoning lines.

And the movie moves. Many action movies suffer from an uneven “suspension bridge” structure, where the action scenes are the towers and everything else is suspension cables. You spend most of the movie on suspension cables, waiting for the next good part.

Not so Iron Man; everything besides the action is kept interesting enough—funny, well-acted—to keep you watching.

Indie film directors can’t afford to make a bad film. So give them a solid property that they like, and you’ll get a solid film.

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