My Depression Lifts…Time To Rock


And sure enough, my depression has lifted. I spent last night at my parents’ house, talking over my finances, and I’ve decided on a course of action.

Context: I have about 2 months of expenses left in my checking account. While I’ve made some money from web development, it’s a quarter of what I’d need to pay my bills. I’ve received a few emails from folks interested in tutoring, but none of them have committed. None of my short stories have been accepted yet. I’m not making enough money to continue this, considering my savings.

Resolution: I’m going to contact a temp agency, and look for part-time or full-time temporary tech work, at least for the next couple of months. I’ll continue to advertise tutoring and submit stories to magazines, in the hopes I can build that up to full-scale income by the end of November.

I don’t want to give up on freelancing. However, it hasn’t worked yet, and I need to give it more time. So, this will do it.

Unfortunately, it also means I’m going to have an exhausting few months, as I’ll also teach all evening Mondays through Wednesdays. But that’s a price I’ll need to pay.

Now, to move forward.

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