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I’ve been hearing about for months now, but I haven’t tried it. It’s a website—like Pandora—where you list a few of your favorite artists, and the site plays music that sounds similar. It catalogues music by what it sounds like, basically, then streams music that matches the music you like.

But now I hear that Pandora’s in trouble, and was described as the competitor that everyone else uses. So, I tried it out.

Color me impressed: I entered Yoko Kanno (arguably the greatest living Japanese composer), and not only did recognize her, it immediately played a piece she wrote that I’d never heard of. It then played a piece I’d never heard by another Japanese composer I love, Toshihiko Sahashi.

So I’ve been using since. It works perfectly thus far. The John Williams stream plays John Williams-type music (John Barry, Hans Zimmer), without playing any John Williams music.

Highly recommended.

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