Keith Ferrazzi’s Online Community, Greenlight


If you’ve never read Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone, well, go out and read it now. It’s an inspiring call to action, insisting that we all need to build a big network of friends and associates. Not a stereotypical marketer’s network of barely-remembered business contacts, but a close-knit (while also large) community.

He has a website, of course, but he’s also built an online forum-based community, Greenlight. It’s a place where people can talk about their problems and perspectives. Very valuable.

I must point out that it has some early-commmunity problems. Much of the content is currently requests for advice, followed by vague suggestions. A lot of folks show enthusiasm that doesn’t seem to translate into specific real-world action (there are posts like “This is a great place! I can’t wait to do great things here!” with no further action).

But that’s normal for any forum. The site already features a variety of interesting discussions, including Simple formula for success, burnout at work – balance, and kindness a weakness at work?. Well worth checking out.

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