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Experimenting with DC Game Day III

I spent Saturday at DC Game Day, a full-day tabletop roleplaying experience. I normally don’t go out much, to be honest, and I knew nobody there. But I wanted to meet some local tabletop RPG players, and get a feel for games I haven’t played before. The first game involved 1936, Nazis on jetpacks, a […]

The Chatty DM

Short one today, but I want to talk about this guy. It’s rare to come across a person as nice as the Chatty DM. He blogs about D&D, amiably and reasonably, and is a great font of knowledge and perspective. He’s very active on his comments and forum, too. If you have any interest in […]

Several years ago, I tried to install a wiki. Back then, the most popular wiki was a horrible mess of spaghetti code, and I just couldn’t figure it out. The others all seemed to require too much setup and configuration. So, I wrote my own wiki engine. I had my own goals, so I didn’t […]

Helen Eppley’s Pound Cake

This is the greatest pound cake in the world. That may seem vain to you. However, I make this claim because I’ve been eating this pound cake for far longer than I’ve been making it. This is the pound cake made by Helen Eppley, a dear woman that sat near me in church. Every week, […]

The Importance of Review

I wrote recently about the importance of writing things down, and of reviewing them. Today I want to talk about review. By “review,” I don’t mean just looking things over. I mean study. Analysis. Deep thought. For example, when you come across a really good article in a magazine, what do you do with it? […]

Thoughts on Game Development

So I’m working on this tabletop RPG system, Gunwave. The goal is to make a fun group game that imitates the fast action of an anime action series with giant robots. Lots of Mega Beams, psychic blasts, and charging at your enemy while screaming about the futility of war. A few things I’ve learned: It […]

Batman: Gotham Knight

This is an odd duck: a bunch of Japanese animation studios each produced a short film about Batman, and assembled them into a movie. Moreover, the shorts are all connected in a loose overall plot, despite the wildly different visual styles of each short. Batman: Gotham Knight features a Batman who is still mostly a […]

Keith Ferrazzi’s Online Community, Greenlight

If you’ve never read Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone, well, go out and read it now. It’s an inspiring call to action, insisting that we all need to build a big network of friends and associates. Not a stereotypical marketer’s network of barely-remembered business contacts, but a close-knit (while also large) community. He has a […]

Doing a World of Good

One of the neat things about the web is the way it connects people with businesses, products, services, and other people that they wouldn’t otherwise have known about. There are just so many neat things out there. And sometimes, those things are good for everyone involved. Such is the case with, an eBay-sponsored site […]

He’s Way Too Calm In The Face of Imminent Alien Death

So I’m terrifically behind the times when it comes to computer gaming. But many months ago, I finally got around to playing the original Halo. It’s a perfect first-person shooter. Now, that’s all it is, but it provides a fantastic environment in which to shoot at things. Excellent quality all around. Until I noticed something: […]

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