Vinnie Veritas

I’ve had this song running through my head for the past few days: Jumbo’s “Dia”. It’s a Mexican pop song.

Dia – Jumbo

The reason? An awesome Flash animation called Rush 2 from Vinnie Veritas.

Vinnie is a Mexican artist who draw simple pen-and-ink drawings, mostly set in a place called “CCC City.” It’s a pulp urban fantasy setting, where teens and young adults in cargo pants and halter tops carry swords and guns, chatting and fighting and running and searching for each other. It’s wildly imaginative. Rush 2 features a “day in the life” of CCC City, while his other videos feature things like a sweet little adventure story (Ho te amo), a kite running amok through a city (Papalote), and a silly, fast-paced railroad chase (The Chase).

Every time I watch one of his animations, I smile. They’re light-hearted, with a certain kind of innocence—nobody ever dies, despite the number of guns and explosions happening every day.

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