New York City?!?


I’m back from my first trip to New York City. Briefly: It was very cold, I saw The 39 Steps, and I took a lot of pictures.

Less briefly: I’m glad I went; it’s worth seeing New York at least once in your life, if just for the change of pace. It’s breathtakingly diverse; there’s always something to do or see. One could spend the rest of one’s life just sampling restaurants.

And the people are…hurried. Not rude, though that depends on your definition. They just expect everyone to keep moving. Sit down and talk with an average New Yorker, and you’ll find someone as nice as anyone else.

And, to my surprise, New Yorkers stick together. Everyone in New York feels like a native, much more so than in other places I’ve visited.

It’s a city of movement: people moving, lights moving, taxis and bicycles moving.

I’d like to go back when it’s warm, and I can take a couple of days to explore some neat parts of the city. I don’t think one needs a week to appreciate New York City, but one needs more than a day or two.

As with so many things.

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