What Is Glogster?


A lot of educational folks who “get” the new web (Web 2.0, social networking, etc.) are excited about Glogster. Despite the annoying name, it’s a neat site: it lets you quickly and easily create a poster as a web page. Essentially.

So when you go to Glogster, you get a blank page, and a simple little menu of neat things you can add to the page: text, images, clipart, video, sound, etc. And, of course, you can add your own.

Imagine a student who has to give a presentation on Benjamin Franklin. She uses Glogster to create a one-page presentation, with images of the man, biographical notes, etc, and presents that in class. Immediate multimedia presentation, without the ugliness or restrictions of a PowerPoint deck.

Or she could assemble her notes in a Glogster page, and work on it while at home, or at school, or wherever.

Of course, once you’ve created your glog, you can save it to an account, create new glogs, share them, etc. Here’s my glog.

And Glogster’s not limited to students, of course; anyone can use it. It provides convenient, simplified website development, without the limitations of FTP or wrestling with a web-based HTML editor.


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