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Why You Should Use Vimeo Instead Of YouTube

YouTube is the grand-daddy of online video sites. But it’s not the only online video site. Vimeo is one of the sites aiming to take on YouTube. They’re doing it by focusing on a slightly different audience: Vimeo actively pushes its users to upload only personal videos. This isn’t a place to post TV clips […]

7 Tips For Writing a Better RPG Adventure

A few months ago, I published my first RPG adventure, War in the Deep, a D&D 4th Edition adventure for Heroic Tier players. Here’s what I learned in writing it. Artwork turns a bland adventure document into an exciting one. I searched Flickr for photos licensed under the Creative Commons for commercial use, and I […]

P.T. Barnum Saves the World

This was a random, wonderful discovery at my local comic shop, and one of the advantages of and reasons for local comic shops. Barnum tells the story of P.T. Barnum, who gets drafted as a special agent to stop a mad Nicola Tesla from assassinating President Harding in a bid to take over the world. […]


Been playing around with TweetDeck, a Twitter desktop client. This lets you not only read your Twitter stream, but also split your stream into separate streams for just certain groups of folks (personal friends, business contacts, etc.). It works well for its stated purpose, though the tweets take up a lot of space compared to, say, the main Twitter website. So you can […]

Do Game Masters Really Need Prep Advice?

I’m confused. I see a lot of articles on the RPG Bloggers Network providing game prep advice. What to think about before a session. What to write down. What to roll up. Do GMs really have that much trouble preparing for a session? Seriously. Do we not know how to prep? When I started GMing, […]

The Benefits of Focusing On Today

This may seem like a simple, obvious topic. But the important things usually are. I’ve stopped worrying about later in the week. Oh, I’ll put down reminders and mark my calendar. But I don’t think about it. I focus on today. What can I get done today? Because that’s all I’ve got. I don’t even […]

Great DMing Tool: Washer-based Tokens

Imagine having 100 to 200 role-playing miniatures, in color. Some of them fantasy characters, some of them sci-fi characters, some horror; whatever. And imagine if they cost about 5 cents each, and you could keep them all in a box the size of a hardback book. I came across these at the D.C. Game Day […]

Eliminating unnecessary things

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about eliminating unnecessary things. This comes partly because it’s about time for me to Freecycle a few things (Freecycle being a local group of folks that email the group when they have something to give away). And I’ve been wondering, how much do I really need? Now, that itself […]

Seth Godin

Ahhh, I love Seth Godin. Some folks disagree with him, sure, but I think they miss his point. Seth’s been preaching about marketing for quite a few years now, specifically about its need to change. Spewing demands to buy products at people…no longer works. People ignore that now. And this goes much deeper than advertising, […]

The first samurai manga: Dororo

I recently finished reading something special. Dororo is a 3-volume manga by the “God of Manga,” Osamu Tezuka. It’s essentially the invention of the modern samurai adventure genre. Man, is it dark. The story opens with a young father who promises his unborn son’s body parts to 48 demons, in return for land and power. […]

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