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This blog isn’t working for me. About a year ago, I decided to change this blog into an ongoing series of articles about technology, self-improvement, reviews, and other miscellaneous topics. I’ve now completely lost any interest I had in continuing that. Frankly, I’ve run out of article ideas. I could always review a movie or […]

Beside the lake, beneath the trees; fluttering, dancing in the breeze

An update from yesterday’s entry: I’m sticking to my resolutions (½ hour on email and blogs per day, more drawing and reading, and a tighter productivity system). Despite the difficulty; I’m currently out of town. Of course, the first few days of any major change are relatively easy. Big changes are 900-pound gorillas; easy to […]

All at once, I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils

Why no updates here in a week? I’ve been sick. And I’ve been busy—always a dangerous combination. This coincides with a lot of recent thoughts about, um, my life. My productivity system has lain essentially undisturbed for a week. This has led to thoughts about the source of productivity, and its importance. This, in turn, […]

How (Not) To Focus

Don’t give your brain too much credit. I posted about this recently on the Getting Things Done forum: the Dangers of the Projects List. A little background: A GTD user manages work through a couple of different lists, that track work on several different levels: larger Roles in life, specific Projects identified with actual end […]

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