Beside the lake, beneath the trees; fluttering, dancing in the breeze


An update from yesterday’s entry: I’m sticking to my resolutions (½ hour on email and blogs per day, more drawing and reading, and a tighter productivity system). Despite the difficulty; I’m currently out of town.

Of course, the first few days of any major change are relatively easy. Big changes are 900-pound gorillas; easy to remember and follow. The two main questions are: How well does the new change work in those few days? And: Do you stick with it for more than a few days?

I usually start to falter after about a week. It’s not new and exciting by that point. I’ll forget off and on, then I’ll completely fall off the wagon about two weeks after I start. I suspect this is common.

That’s not a worry; that’s an observation. However, I don’t need to worry about that just at the moment.

The more immediate concern is the efficacy of these changes. Do they bring about the more fundamental change I want? For me right now, I want to feel less tied to a computer, more present in the real world, and I want to steadily improve several skills I feel are important to me. Will this do that?

I must monitor my feelings. Check my stress levels (much as I dislike the term “stress”). I must tap into myself.

None of this is easy. But if I can get to that better place, it will be worth it. Don’t you think?

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