Web Extroversion

(Bonus points if you catch the reference of this entry’s title.)

So, I’ve been avoiding this blog for almost a month now. Not because I hate it, but because I have nothing to write about in this form.

I’m writing a lot on Twitter. I’m doing a lot—producing episodes of my podcast, working on Gunwave, watching anime—but I have nothing really to say about any of it at the moment.

Because, sometimes, life is work. And as valuable as writing can be, sometimes it accomplishes nothing. In fact, sometimes it confuses the matter.

It’s funny. I like my blog’s structure. I like the way I update it. I like having people read it.

But it’s a platform, on which I stand and lecture. And we live in a world full to bursting with platforms and lectures. What have I got to say that’s different than others’ opinions and facts?

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