Just A Geek Speaking at PAX


Wil Wheaton is an awesome person, and a great writer (I’m reading his latest book, Just a Geek, and am thoroughly sucked in. And it’s an autobiography).

I heard last year that he gave the keynote speech at the Penny Arcade Expo (a.k.a. PAX). All I could find was an audio recording. I sat, dumbfounded, listening to it all, laughing at all the right moments. The speech was human, and emotional, and actually made important points about important things. And I enjoyed it consistently, all through its 55 minutes.

Well, video is now online, thanks to Google Video, so you can watch Wil give the entire speech as one uninterrupted sequence of awesomeness.

I’m embedding it below, and hopefully it’ll show up for you (one never knows, these days).

(And, of course, now that I’ve given it that big introduction, you’ll probably be disappointed, if you haven’t listened to it already. And, granted, I can imagine there are people who just won’t get it. But please give it a try, if just for the more important things he has to say. And if you ever have to give a speech, this will show you how to do it.)

I’m rewatching the speech now, actually. It’s just that entertaining to me. Which is odd, since I’m not a gamer, which is what the keynote is all about. But that’s the power of a speech like this.

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