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Forgot to mention: I have a Kindle DX.

Not sure how to describe it, as I’m not sure how much you all know about Kindles. Where to start?

The Kindle is Amazon’s electronic book reader. The DX is the latest in their line, and larger than the previous Kindle 1 and Kindle 2. The screen’s 9.7 inches along the diagonal, compared to earlier Kindles’ 6-inch screens. So the DX is more like a hardback book, while the others are more like paperbacks.

Which is not an unqualified difference. The K2 is a tad lighter, and thus a little easier to hold, but has a smaller screen.

Basic functionality: you read books on it (duh!). There’s a Sprint cell modem on it, so anywhere one can get a Sprint signal, one can access Amazon’s e-book store and buy more books. E-book prices are averaging $5 to $10 each at the moment.

While my initial interest in the Kindle cooled after six months, it’s ramped back up since then. And not just because of the DX. About nine months in, I found myself reading more than before. It’s just so convenient to always have a book with you, which can always become any book. Or magazine or newspaper (the selection grows). The DX makes the whole experience more pleasant, as magazines and newspapers just fit onto it better.

I use it constantly, and for a bibliophile, what better endorsement is there?

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