All I Ask Is A Tall Ship


This will inevitably post to my blog several days after I actually write it, as I’m writing this in a hotel room in California at Anime Expo, and I refuse to spend $13 a day for the privilege of posting to my blog (and otherwise accessing the vast reaches of the internet).

I’m tired, but I feel fulfilled. Literally, filled full. I experienced a lot today, from cool interviews to fun Q&As to interesting anime.

In other words, it’s been an adventure.

Unrelated but related: I’ve had trouble sleeping for the past few months. Nothing serious; just an hour or two cut out from a full night’s sleep here and there. I’d catch up, then lose a few more hours’ sleep.

I won’t have that problem tonight. Which leads to an inevitable conclusion:

Adventures fulfill us.

Adventure can mean a lot of things, of course; from a trip halfway around the world to a new restaurant down the block. But I suspect that most people stay on the safer end of the spectrum than would be best for them.

Don’t folks complain about ennui? About depression? Feeling drab, a slave to work, a slave to routine? Unfulfilled?

Doesn’t that strike you as a serious spiritual illness? How can we perform to anywhere near our best when we’re depressed? And don’t we need to perform to our best these days?

Wouldn’t adventure solve this?

Now, I had an upset stomach for most of the flight here. I nearly threw up on the plane. I’m 95% sure this was directly caused by the stress of the trip. I just don’t like to travel.

That shouldn’t stop us. We need more adventure.

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