Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 1


I’m trying to live within my means. This blog post is the first record of how much money I’m spending each week. I only started recording my purchases on Wednesday of last week, but even so, here are my purchases:

Wednesday $40.00
Thursday $88.75
Friday $70.00
Saturday $74.50
Total $273.25

This is due mainly to $40 per day spent taking a taxi to and from GenCon, and buying lunch and dinner out every day from Thursday on. So it seems like a pretty reasonable amount.

As much fun as I had at GenCon, it was expensive. Here’s everything I spent, including prior purchases:

Airfare $264.20
Hotel $420.00
Con badge $71.00
Game tickets $16.00
Taxi to and from convention center $150.00
Dice, books, and other exhibit hall purchases $48.00
Food $152.98
Total $1,122.18

Seems amazingly expensive when I actually look at the final tally. And none of that was really avoidable, other than the $150 taxi fares if I’d reserved a convention hotel.

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