But I Totally Could To Live By Bread Alone


I recently started a side business.

I love to bake. For some reason, I find it easy: you combine a few ingredients in a bowl, toss the results into an oven, and come back later to find something awesome.

Then I stumbled on a beautiful old book, Beard on Bread, a yellowed hardback with dozens of bread recipes and pencil sketches. I tried a few of the recipes. They were excellent. I gave out some bread. People loved it.

And thus I discovered that I’m good at baking bread.

To my surprise, folks to whom I gave that bread told me—repeatedly—that they’d pay good money for it, and that I should sell it. After enough of this prodding, I thought, why not?

It’s not like I need to drop my life savings into opening a physical bakery. I can start small.

I made up some simple order forms, and recently created a simple web site for it. Folks can fill out the order form and email or hand it to me. That’s enough for now.

To my further surprise, I’ve gotten a couple of orders. This is working, on a very small scale. And at that scale, I can easily fulfil orders in my spare time.

Where will it go? I’ve no idea, and frankly I don’t care. This is a fun little experiment, and I’m happy to experiment.

If you want to order bread from me, go to bakery.brentnewhall.com. Note that I currently have no way to ship bread, so it’ll have to be local delivery only for the time being. ;-)

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