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Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 6-ish

Yeah, I haven’t been keeping up with this for a couple of weeks, so it’s more like week 10. But it’s week 6 of keeping track. Whatever! Saturday $44.53 Gas and shipping a DVD Sunday $16.08 Lunch Monday $50.80 Pumpkins, mums, and veggies Tuesday $7.24 Lunch Wednesday $0.00 Thursday $9.79 Lunch and a brownie Friday […]

Expenditures, Expenditures

You may have noticed the lack of Weekly Expenditure Adventure posts on here. Why? I fell off the wagon. As easy as it is to track one’s expenditures, it’s just as easy to forget. And then you face days’ worth of half-remembered purchases, and going to the mental effort of remembering just feels like too […]

Cooking and The Flavor Bible

Cooking is hard. Well, no, the actual act of cooking isn’t particularly hard; it’s the knowledge. How long does an omelette need in the pan? How hot should the pan be, and within what range? All that stuff. Plus, once one moves on in one’s cooking life from rotely following recipes, one is confronted by […]

But I Totally Could To Live By Bread Alone

I recently started a side business. I love to bake. For some reason, I find it easy: you combine a few ingredients in a bowl, toss the results into an oven, and come back later to find something awesome. Then I stumbled on a beautiful old book, Beard on Bread, a yellowed hardback with dozens of bread recipes and pencil sketches. I tried a few of the recipes. They were excellent. I gave out some bread. People loved it. And thus […]

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