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Who will buy the iPad?

Naturally, I’ve been thinking about Apple’s iPad a lot lately. It’s a lovely device with several limitations. I can see four major markets for it, and each gives me pause. Geeks have a chicken-and-egg problem. They have two options: Use it as a light laptop. Problem is, geeks need disk space for all their cool […]

Me and the iPad

Thanks very much to FOX5 for inviting me to talk about Apple’s iPad on their morning show today. It was a thoroughly professional environment with friendly people. I hope I can come back soon! Here’s the video:

Building Characters

One primary design goal for Gunwave is simplicity. I want players to be able to pick up the game and start playing very, very quickly — without needing hours to absorb the game’s rules. When I first wrote the Gunwave rule set, its D&D roots showed clearly — each player chose a Race and a […]

Design Stew

Not long after D&D 4th Edition appeared, Saalon pointed out during a chat that the basic D&D 4E system would be ideal for an RPG simulating giant robot combat, like Gundam or Robotech. It could emulate the feel of those shows, with rapid action and cool powers. This idea so inspired me that I grabbed […]

The Fire’s Gone Out

I subscribe to a bunch of role-playing blogs: Musings of the Chatty DM, NewbieDM, Some Space to Think, At Will, The Core Mechanic, Gnome Stew, Trollsmyth, and others. I first started reading them in late 2008, when they were full of fire about role-playing. D&D 4th Edition had just come out and debates raged about […]

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