Why Who?

Doctor Who, Tom Baker

Tom Baker as Doctor Who

Decided to relax last night and watch a few episodes of classic Doctor Who.

(Yes, yes, the new Doctor Who is great. Thank you.)

Why should I watch classic Doctor Who? It’s cheesy, over-acted, and low-budget.

Watching classic Doctor Who is like reading second-tier science fiction. It may not blow your mind, but it’ll have a few memorable moments, a nice monologue, and an interesting premise or two. In addition, that will all be wrapped in a fun adventure story. Never underestimate the value of a fun adventure story.

Saalon‘s been reading Lensman, and he knows what I’m talking about. Lensman is just plain great fun.

And what’s wrong with that? I ask seriously. I feel like watching a cheesy, fun show with some good acting (at the very least, the Doctor is nearly always fascinating to observe) and an occasional deep twist needs to be defended. People turn up their noses at that, then glue themselves to the TV to watch American Idol or spend hours playing Bejeweled.

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