Technological Manic Depression

"wallpaper — The ISLAND" by balt-arts on Flickr

"wallpaper — The ISLAND" by balt-arts on Flickr

Some days, I seek hyper-technology. I want to engage folks on Twitter, post on my blogs, and clean up every broken link on my websites. The online world feels so vibrant and interesting.

On other days, I want to give up everything more advanced than a clock/radio. I want to sit down with a big stack of books and a hot mug of tea, or throw wide my kitchen cabinet doors and fire up the stove. The online world feels so shallow and pointless.

I don’t know why this is. Perhaps, in my passion, I spend too much time in one world, overdosing on its pleasures.

In any event, I’ve learned to take advantage of both moods. When I’m diving into cyberspace–and wouldn’t it be wonderful if the experience really did mirror early science fiction portrayals of descent into a neon wonderland?–I write blog posts and clean up my sites. During down times, I let that content dribble out.

This has been easiest with Otaku, No Video. When excited, I record lots of videos, then I release them on a strict schedule. I usually have between one and two weeks’ worth of videos completely finished sitting on my hard drive, ready to be released on schedule.

Some days, I wish I could be less extreme in my approach. Nevertheless, it works.

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