A Personal Plea From Me To You

I’ve been reading personal improvement books lately. They’ve inspired me to pass along a recommendation that I hope you–yes, you, reader–will take to heart, think about, and implement.

Stop watching TV.


Give your TV(s) away, if you can.

“But there’s good stuff on TV,” some proclaim. Yes, there is. There’s also good stuff in books and in movies. The problem is not the content; it’s the method of delivery.

You know all this. This sounds stupid. But this one stupid thing will suddenly give you the time to do all those things you want to do. Seriously.

One response to “A Personal Plea From Me To You”

  1. Michael

    I don’t watch TV anymore, just because I have no need too. Everything I watch is on the internet/computer. Anything I can find I TV I can find on the computer anyways, not that there’s anything I like on there anyways. Though I do need my TV to play games. It might be more constructive to play my ukulele (if my fingers would stop bleeding) than play a video game but in the end it’s what makes me happy. Well they both do so I do both equally but that’s beside the point.

    I don’t like TV or anything but what is it’s method of delivery and what is it’s fault? I’m going to guess that you can only watch it when it airs instead of like me and watching anime whenever I want.

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