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Because I need a new project: Brent’s Victory Garden

Today, I’m launching a new project: Brent’s Victory Garden. It’s part how-to and part documentary on backyard gardening in the 21st century. I’ll be posting videos (one every two weeks) about planting and growing vegetables (and other plants) in my tiny backyard plot. The idea is to promote vegetable gardening for everyone–that you don’t need a farm or eight hours a week to successfully grow vegetables or otherwise maintain a small garden. I want […]

50 Games in 50 Weeks: Horrific, Terror in the Cards

50 Games in 50 Weeks: Horrific, Terror in the Cards

While browsing a local game store’s dusty bargain bin, my hands pulled out a couple decks of cards. Each was adorned with a tiny yellow price tag proclaiming, “$1.” The decks were part of a card game, Horrific: Terror in the Cards. According to the back of each deck, each player in the game plays a villain in a small town, trying to corrupt townspeople into minions, while turning the rest of the town’s inhabitants against the other […]

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