Launching a Comic: Red Ax

Many years ago, I had an idea for a comic book, and the idea stuck. It grabbed onto a corner of my mind, whispering ideas, until finally I wrote it down. Within a few days, I’d written a comic book script good for 13double-sidedpages.

It’s weird. It whispered a story about anthromorphic cats in a quasi-medieval, quasi-Arabian, quasi-Asianworld, focusing on a mutesword-for-hireand a slave.

It needed an artist. I didn’t have the skills.

Now what?

Fortune favored me. Through another project, I found H. Davidson.

Red Ax stack

H draws professional-qualityanthro art. She studies anatomy. Her figures have grace and depth. She was exactly what I needed.

So, for the past year, she’s been drawing issue 1 of Red Ax. A month ago, she finished.

Now what?

I need to write the rest of the story. And while in the past I would have posted written jumped right in and just written whatever came to mind, this time I want to get inspired first.

So, what you see to the upper-rightis the stack of books I plan to re-read(or at least skim) as I prepare. As I read, I’ll plan and write and take notes. I hope to finish writing issue 2 by the end of September, at which point I should be able to release issue 1 and talk more firmly about Red Ax‘s future. Meanwhile, I’ll post images from issue 1 throughout September.

Here’s a teaser:

Page 4 detail

Isn’t that awesome?

2 responses to “Launching a Comic: Red Ax”

  1. Chrisanthropic

    That is extremely awesome, I love the creepy vibe of it.

    1. BrentNewhall

      Thanks very much, Chris! More to come.

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