A story about sex?

The Red of Red Ax

The Red of Red Ax. Drawn by H. Davidson.

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I call Red Ax a story about “sex, ownership, and the lies we tell ourselves.” That’s a mature, adult claim. I make it partly to shake readers up; I want people to think this is not another fluffy action story. I also make this claim partly to encourage readers to take this story seriously.

However, Red Ax isn’t an “M for Mature” title. I intend to write a PG-13 story. Well, maybe a “hard” PG-13.

Red Ax is about sexual behaviors. It’s about a girl who thinks of herself as a sexual object, as having worth primarily through her sexual skills. And it’s about the trap of those beliefs.

Really, it’s about two characters who define themselves through their skills. Sexuality is one of the vessels that this story uses to explore it, and the story doesn’t need explicit sex scenes to do so.

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