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Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox

Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox

Every so often, you stumble upon a hidden gem. This is one of them. Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox is a 2007 anime film from Korea. It’s a quiet, rural tale of a shape-changing fox that takes on the form of a young girl. A handful of “troubled youths” are being forced to attend a special summer school near Yobi’s territory, and she investigates. These kids aren’t future criminals; they’re just kids […]

BattleTech © Catalyst Games Labs

I finally get BattleTech

I remember standing in a hobby store with my older brother. He was probably there to buy more Car Wars material. I had been wandering the dusty aisles, past ziplock bags of dice and rules printed on dot-matrix printers. I reached up to a shelf and pulled down a book covered with giant robots. It was a BattleTech manual. (I think it was one of the early, unauthorized Robotech supplements, thus proving that anime […]

Guy Kawasaki's APE

Going APE: Guy Kawasaki’s advice for self-publishing

  APE is not a book for anyone. This is a book for anyone who wants to self-publish a book in the modern era of electronic publishing and Kindles. Its author, entrepreneur and investor Guy Kawasaki, writes with a comfortable clarity that must grow out of many years of writing and public speaking. His prose […]

Hok the Mighty

Hok the Mighty

Many fantasy books are set in a fantastical past, like Conan‘s Hyborian Age: a time of magic and high adventure before recorded history. What if someone wrote a novel using fantasy adventure tropes–a powerful hero fighting wild creatures, spanning different environments–and set it in the actual historical period before recorded history? Now imagine it was written by a Pulitzer-nominated author who beat out William Faulkner for a literary award. Manly Wade […]

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