Who Signed The Buganda Agreement In 1900

Apr 15 2021

Before the Buganda Agreement of 1900, the Kingdom of Buganda was an absolute monarchy ruled by Kabaka. At that time, there were three categories of kabaka, 1.Chiefs who were also called Bakungu or heads of administration, these were appointed by Kabaka, 2. the traditional Bataka leaders plus the Batangole chiefs, who served as representatives of the king, they were responsible for the surveillance of the royal lands, the maintenance of internal security in the kingdom as well as military tasks. We, the undersigned, have Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston, K.C.B. Special Commissioner of Her Majesty, Commander-in-Chief and Consul General for the Ugandan Protectorate and adjacent areas, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of Lndia, on the one hand; And the regents and sub-appointed chiefs of the Kingdom of Uganda, on behalf of the Kabaka (kings) of Uganda, and the Ugandan chiefs and people, on the other, agree with the following articles concerning the government and administration of the Kingdom of Uganda. Made in English and Luganda in Mengo, Kingdom of Uganda, March 10, 1900. The kabaka site was founded by Kabaka Mwanga II and the largest palace to date serves as the official residence of the last 6 kings of the Kingdom of Buganda. The word Twekobe gathers in unity for a cause, from where the inhabitants of Buganda gathered to build a palace for Kabaka on Mengo Hill, and it was in the palace that the Buganda Agreement was signed in 1900, which defined the future of Uganda. The Lukiko, or a commission of it, is a court of appeal of the decisions of the trial courts held by the leaders of the counties.

In all cases involving property over $5 or imprisonment of more than one week, an appeal for review may be made to Lukiko. In all cases involving property or debts worth more than $100 or death sentences, Lukiko refers the case to the Kabaka review, the decision of which is final when the main representative of Her Majesty in Uganda is signed. Assuming that the territory of the Kingdom of Uganda, which extends within the borders of the agreement, amounts to 19,600 square miles, it is divided into the following proportions: 5. The laws adopted by Her Majesty`s Government for the General Management of the Ugandan Protectorate apply in the same way to the Kingdom of Uganda, unless they may be in conflict with the provisions of this agreement. , in this case, the provisions of this agreement are a special exception for the Kingdom of Uganda.

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