Collective Bargaining Agreement Nh

Sep 14 2021

21.4. Expiry of certain provisions: The provisions of this Agreement concerning national partners of workers shall apply six months after the date of entry into force of laws adopted by the legislator which provide for the right of persons of the same sex to establish or marry a life partnership. If that legislation is subsequently repealed, the national provisions of the partners in this Agreement shall be reinstated on the date of entry into force of this repeal. 3.7.4. The time devoted to the negotiations referred to in Articles 3.7.1, 3.7.2 and 3.7.3 shall be considered as the time completed. A collective agreement is a formal and binding contract between employers and employees. SEA and the bargaining teams work long and hard to negotiate the best possible agreements between management and staff. Once an agreement has been concluded, the resulting document is considered a provisional agreement. All full members of the bargaining unit will then have the opportunity to vote for or against the adoption of the treaty. If the majority votes in favour of the adoption of the Treaty, it shall be deemed to have been ratified. This section contains collective agreements with the City of Concord. 11.1. Provision: Full-time workers in the bargaining unit must be placed on sick leave according to the formula set out below.

The purpose of sick leave is to protect workers against loss of income resulting from sick leave or injury and, in particular, against long-term disabilities due to catastrophic illness or injury. Sick leave is not intended to supplement any other provisions of this Agreement and will only be used for the purposes described herein. Sick leave is calculated at the end of each month of service. Workers who perform a period of seasonal or temporary service of more than six (6) months must be granted equivalent sick leave for the working time actually performed. Sick leave may be cumulated for a period not exceeding the prescribed days and shall not deteriorate. Nothing prevents a worker from applying for another leave permit when sick leave is exhausted. It is not uncommon for a public employer and a workers` organisation not to be able to agree on a collective succession agreement before the expiry of an existing contract. RSA Chapter 273-A anticipated this issue.

While strikes and lockouts, the economic weapons usually used in the private sector, are prohibited, the law provides for a mediation and factual process to facilitate negotiations after a negotiating alley. However, the law remains silent on workers` rights and employers` obligations during the transition period between the expiry of the contract and the agreement of a successor. 4.1.4. Meetings: A consensual date is set, provided that this date is set within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the written notification. The deadline can be extended by appointment. This is not to say that public employers were prohibited from negotiating with small groups of workers; However, such negotiation activity would be purely voluntary and outside the safeguards and processes described in Chapter 273-A. 19.17 of the ARR. Discount in state recreation areas: Any full-time employee of the bargaining unit is entitled to a 50% (50%) discount on the entrance fee to a public recreation area. Employees must comply with the discount rules and regulations set out to obtain the discount. 3.2.1. The association makes available to the employer a written communication that is adapted to inclusion in the “check message” on the staff checks/advice and informs the staff that the association is the exclusive negotiator for all employees of the unit and therefore needs access to the worker for the association`s correspondence.

The employer undertakes to place the news quarterly on the paychecks/advice of the employees at the request of the association. 6.3. Meal times: each employee shall be given one hour of lunch of at least half an hour and not more than one hour. . . .

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