February 15, 2005


A good day. I ended up not going to Writer’s Group, as I awoke this morning feeling out-of-sorts. It’s not illness; more exhaustion. So I spent the evening at home, lazily taking care of a few chats and getting used to RSS syndication via NewsFire. Reading blogs through RSS feels much more efficient than reading blogs via the web. I’m not immediately sure if this is a good thing. I miss the distinct design of each blog’s webpage. On the other hand, how important is that?

In any event, I feel good. I feel myself settling into some habits that are good for me: a lot of reading, some drawing, some programming; my toes in a lot of ponds.

Terry Teachout writes that he is an “arts lover.” He doesn’t love just one kind of art. Moreover, he quotes Clement Greenburg, who wrote that “in the long run there are only two kinds of art: the good and the bad. This difference cuts across all other differences in art. At the same time, it makes all art one….the experience of art is the same in kind or order despite all differences in works of art themselves.”

I like that. I think I’m an arts lover.

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