28 Jul 07

This morning, a trip to the farmer’s market. In My Neighbor Totoro, Satsuki compares her neighbor’s vegetable garden to “a mountain of treasure.” It’s a childish, overwrought sentiment, but when confronted with thousands of vegetables in a rainbow of deep, rich color, I have to agree.

So, I came home with several plastic bags of apples, tomatoes, and a watermelon. And that surprises me—all the vendors at this market use plastic bags. Why not paper? Especially since most folks are buying small quantities.

Anyway. Back home, I felt culinarily inspired (no doubt due to rewatching Ratatouille). So I made a pizza, prepared and refrigerated some cookie dough, dumped some beans in the crock pot for baked beans, and set up my bread machine to make ciabatta for Guy’s Night Out tonight. And washed a lot of dishes.

Then, Guy’s Night Out. I was tight-lipped about the films I’d picked for tonight, which fueled some fun curiosity. I didn’t tell them anything until I played the first disc, at which I announced, “One important thing to do: Turn off your brain.

Then we watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension. If you’ve never seen it, I’m sorry; I can’t describe it. I literally can’t do it justice. It’s weird, and fun, and truly adventurous, and wildly imaginative. Perfect for GNO.

Then upstairs for ice cream and apple pie, and back downstairs for the final film of the night: The Legend of Drunken Master. Arguably Jackie Chan’s best film. Certainly some of his best fight scenes. Everyone seemed to love both films (there were a lot of “Ooof”s and “Woah”s).

And now, home, after driving beneath an arcing light show of royal gold and purple lightning, the clouds a neutral curtain backdrop to Thor’s bunraku.

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