Blab To Everyone, All At Once

I realize this blog’s turned into Tech and Emotion Central of late, but that’s all I’ve felt like writing about lately.

Today’s subject:, an aggregator site for all you social networkers out there. Basically, you sign up with, and you enter your username and password for all the newest Web 2.0 sites: Blogger, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. Then you enter a short message on’s site, and boom! that message is posted on all your social networks.

So, you can sign up for many of these services, and even if you don’t access them often, you can still post to them. This makes you at least useful on those sites, and relatively active.

Which brings up another point: these sites have varying utility. I only visit MySpace once a week, while I hit Twitter twice a day. But why not at least post to all of them?

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