Well. I’m back from South Africa, and my finances are my new worry.

I’m tapped out. There’s simply no way I can afford a new home, even with a minimal down payment or closing costs. I’ve decided to wait for a while, despite having found the (almost) perfect house. It’s just immature to put myself into more debt right now.

But it’s all right. My Halloween party will happen this Saturday, at which I’ll re-connect with new and old friends. I have a nice house, a good job, and great friends and family.

I’m a tad embarrassed to mention this, but my anime/manga YouTube channel, Otaku, No Video, continues to do well. I have over 1,300 subscribers, and my videos have been viewed a total of 200,000 times. My weekly live news shows are getting steadily more popular. I’m quite simply enjoying that experience, of making videos and building that audience.

So. That’s where I am right now. Um. How ’bout you?

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  1. Ls06muzik

    hi there Brent. well uhh, i’m not really a fan of Halloween. not my thing anymore. I’m waiting on Christmas to get here. it just won’t get here soon enough. hehe. take care n see ya soon. love your website. :)

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