Consumer Credit Agreement Directive

Sep 15 2021

(33) On the other hand, the Slovak Commercial Code appears to allow the general terms and conditions of sale of an organisation under that agreement to be included in a credit agreement by cross-references. (34) The Consumer Credit Act prescribes what must be included in a consumer credit agreement. (35) However, the Court does not know exactly how these different provisions of national law cooperate. 38. The question to what extent the Member States have a margin of discretion as regards the maintenance or introduction of national rules on consumer credit agreements. It is difficult to identify precisely where the harmonised rules remove such a margin of discretion – but it is precisely on this issue that the referring court is asking for guidance. 21. The borrower paid only two instalments under the agreement. On April 26, 2012, the lender demanded repayment of the full amount of credit due. .

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