22 May 08

After Mystery Science Theater 3000 ended, I wondered if anyone else would pick up the mantle. They stumbled upon the formula of recording voice-over riffs of bad pop culture movies, and surely someone else would continue. The technology’s easy enough.

Someone’s done it: RomeoRhino.

RomeoRhino is a YouTube user who takes public domain instructional videos (and a few movies), records himself riffing on them, marries the two, and uploads them to YouTube.

He’s learned from MST3K: he doesn’t talk over the dialogue too much, he jokes as much as possible, he knows not to get too dark or sarcastic, and he keeps the jokes coming steadily throughout the entire video.

He posts a new video about once a week, and he’s been doing it for a year, so there’s plenty of material. Some of my favorites:

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