The Importance Of Service Level Agreement

We guarantee our customers to react to their problems within a set time frame, depending on the severity and impact of the problem. If you`re a B2B (Business-to-Business) business and don`t have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your customers, you`re missing out on an important opportunity to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. SLAs are contractual terms agreed between a company and its customers that ensure that the services provided meet certain thresholds (e.g.B. availability, responsiveness, etc.). This may mean that the servers have 99.9% availability for your product or that all after-sales service requests will be answered within a 24-hour window. They fundamentally strengthen the customer relationship – From a customer point of view, entering a new business relationship carries a great risk. A bad relationship can lead to operational issues that impact the end result and even their professional career. SLAs are the liability safety net that companies use to allay these fears. They ensure that customers are not forgotten after signing on the polka dot line by making everyone fully responsible for their actions. Some SLAs even offer customers financial and product kickbacks if a company doesn`t stop the end of its contract, eliminating even more potential concerns. .

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