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Holy Flying Circus!

Holy Flying Circus!

Back when Monty Python released their film Monty Python’s Life of Brian, the public reacted with shock. Based on the trailer, the film appeared to make fun of religion, and it seemed to make fun of Jesus. The former was true, and the latter not. But how to explain that to the public? The Pythons were asked to go on a talk show. That talk show episode became a milestone in the public appreciation of comedy and satire. You can watch […]

50 Games in 50 Weeks: Qwirkle Cubes

50 Games in 50 Weeks: Qwirkle Cubes

Qwirkle Cubes combines Scrabble with dice. The game comes with 90 six-sided dice. You draw a “hand” of six dice, which you roll immediately upon drawing. The first player places a set of dice in the middle of the game to form the “grid.” Play then proceeds in turns, with players adding dice to the grid, getting points for each die added of the same color in a row or column, and additional points for completing a row with […]

Make Something Every Week: Ray Harryhausen Tribute Video

I resolved at the beginning of this month to try something new for the next 3 months: I will read twice as many books as movies I watch. I will spend at most 30 free minutes on the computer each weekday evening. This time includes email, social networks, YouTube, and general surfing, but not time spent writing or otherwise making things. I will spend at most 90 free minutes on the computer each weekend day. I will […]

Thurn And Taxis board game components

50 Games in 50 Weeks: Thurn and Taxis

Thurn and Taxis is a Euro board game that’s somewhat like Ticket to Ride. In addition to building routes, players also explicitly dominate regions. Your options are determined through a deck of cards, each representing a region on the board. Each turn, you can play a card to add a route in the region specified on the card. As your routes grow, you can score them, and as your routes connect cities, you can score […]

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