Saturday, October 17, 1998

I’ve gotten very interested in wearable computers lately. It’s not just SF anymore; these things are being built by hobbyists for not much more than desktop systems. The main issues are buying a display unit for the eye or to sit at waist-level, and battery life. They’ve been solved, but you have to be willing to sauder a few wires together.

In particular, I’d like to try building a KeyGlove, a glove with metal contacts on the fingers to simulate a keyboard. If I build it, I’d actually use both hands; otherwise some combinations get difficult to do on one hand. And heck, it only costs about $50 to build (besides the saudering iron).

I finally registered some of the shareware I’ve been using for years, shame on me. Being able to manipulate zip files with WinZip, without that annoying popup screen, is amazingly nice. And, hey, I just feel better now.

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